About Us
Crypto Banter is a platform created to bring live, credible crypto content to the global community 24/7/365!
In traditional markets, live, credible content is freely available! Users can access platforms such as CNBC or Bloomberg at any time and within 30 minutes they have an encompassing view of the markets from a single credible source.
Though there are many channels in crypto, a single source of live, credible , 24/7 streaming content does not exist and Crypto Banter is filling that gap.
Over the next 12 months we will be expanding our programming aggressively until we deliver our promise of 24/7/365 live streaming, credible crypto content.
Our teams operate at the highest levels of journalism, education, ethics and integrity to ensure that you have all the information you need to navigate every aspect of the crypto space and make wife-changing money!
Everything that we do is with community in mind and since January 2021 we have built the one of the most loyal crypto community in the world!
Join our community, watch our streams, build a network , be part of the family!
Transparency and Credibility at all costs.
  • Provide hosts and guests with a platform that encourages open, honest and transparent interactions.
  • Always provide credible, researched, up-to-date information.
  • Publish the research to back each call, highlighting any potential risks, holdings and conflicts.
  • Conduct reasonable background checks on any guest that is invited on any of our shows.
  • Never censor any guest or narrative – even if it doesn’t agree with our views (Unless the views risk our channel being de-platformed)
We are not for sale:
  • Neither Crypto Banter nor any of its hosts or editors may accept any form of payment in cash, tokens or other for exposure on the any of our mediums. (Streams, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Website etc)
  • We NEVER do paid reviews, tweets, interviews, mentions, AMA’S or any other paid exposure. We expect the same from our guests.
  • Any show sponsors must always be clearly disclosed and labelled. Our relationship and revenue model with the sponsors must be transparent.
  • Sponsorship may not affect how we cover our sponsors on the show.
We don’t want your money!
  • Everything we do at Crypto Banter is FREE.
  • There are no paid groups, not in Telegram, Discord, Patreon or any other medium.
  • Crypto Banter is not set up to accept any money for any of its community members. If you are being asked for money , it’s probably a scam.
We are Investors First:

The founders, hosts, editors and staff of Crypto Banter are investors FIRST and also run a free-to-air media channel. As investors we often participate in early stage rounds of funding and are often invested in the tokens that are discussed on the show.

Our shows are unscripted and in essence are “reality shows”. Our team spend their days researching trends, markets, tokens and projects and making trades accordingly. During our shows we endeavor to show our audience what we learnt and the actions we took or are taking. It is important to note that if our research is positive, we will often buy tokens before we mention them on the show.

We have also taken the following steps to reduce any potential conflicts of interest that may exist but viewers should note the potential conflict:
  • Endeavor to disclose any holdings and conflicts on the shows.
  • NEVER enter into any investment agreement that requires us to promote, advertise, mention a project on any of our mediums.
  • No member of the Crypto Banter team may engage in any material selling activity on any token that is mentioned on any of our shows for at least 24 hours after it is mentioned. This excludes any tokens that are listed on the top 100 tokens by market capitalization on coinmarketcap.com.
  • NEVER engage in any coordinated buying or selling activity.
  • Be honest and transparent about the direction trades we are making on any token.
  • Every member of the team will disclose and publish all their token holdings every 6 months on the disclosure section of our website.
We are audited regularly by a TOP 4 audit company and if you believe that we are not living up to these commitments, please feel free to report it to [email protected] You may remain anonymous.
All shows on the station are created for entertainment and education purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice.
All opinions expressed by the hosts, guests and callers should not be construed as financial advice.
Views expressed by guests and hosts do not reflect the views of the station.
Any communication on any platform by Crypto Banter or any of its employees, hosts or guests should never be construed as financial advice
Viewers are encouraged to do their own research before making any trades.
Ran Neuner
Ran Neuner @cryptomanran
Founder, Crypto Banter
Cryptomanran has been in Crypto since 2015.
In 2017, frustrated by the lack of media coverage, he created and hosted CNBC CRYPTOTRADER, the world’s first televised crypto show. The show quickly became the highest viewed show on the network.
He founded Crypto Banter in 2020 with a single minded objective of bringing 24/7, live, credible, crypto content to the community.
He is also the founder of Banter Capital!

In his previous adventures, Ran built and sold the biggest marketing company in Africa in a deal valued at over $150m. He is a Harvard Alumni , CFA and an active member of The Young Presidents Organization (YPO).
"Change the lives of everyone you interact with & expect nothing in return"
Producer Fred
Fred the Producer @producer_fred
Co-founder, Crypto Banter
Producer Fred has been in Crypto since 2016, both as an investor and trader, soon after taking it on as a full time job.
His experience in content led him to his introduction with Ran and subsequently co-founding Crypto Banter.
What initially started as a project to elevate and enhance the show production, turned him into a full degen and helped the team build the most unique Crypto community in the world, assisting the team in keeping our shows, calls, research and market analysis 10 steps ahead!
Producer Fred is part of the Banter furniture and will remain that way for many bull and bear markets ahead, while we catapult our new shows, content strategy and businesses into the future, where finance belongs!
Sheldon Sniper
Sheldon the Sniper @sheldon_sniper
Partner, Crypto Banter
Sheldon the Sniper ironically got into crypto when he invested EVERYTHING he had into a scam…

Sheldon was a carpenter at the time and in an attempt to recover his losses, he sold his tools and started trading! Whilst looking at the charts his eye naturally enabled him to see lines and angles and he developed a simple strategy of a few trendlines that when broken lead to certain price action. This simple system Sheldon still uses and teaches today.
The Hustle
Hustle has been investing and learning about the world of Crypto since 2017 while he was still in college.
Before college, Hustle spent 6 years playing FPS games at a semi-professional level, traveling around the USA for Call of Duty events and tournaments, which is where he picked up his touch for games, knowledge of development studios, and what makes a successful product in the gaming world.

With the rapid rise of Crypto Gaming now at the forefront, this was the perfect intersection for Hustle to go all in on Crypto Gaming & the Metaverse, utilizing tools from his true expertise, gaming, infused with his knowledge about blockchain technology and NFTs. Hustle grew his channel upwards of 50K subscribers on Crypto Gaming before joining forces with Crypto Banter, where he now is the host of the gaming centered show “In the Game”.
Miles Deutscher
Miles Deutscher @milesdeutscher
Miles is an Australian crypto analyst and DeFi addict.
Miles’ passion for crypto started with one Bitcoin trade in 2019. As the DeFi industry exploded during 2020-2021, Miles dedicated his Australian lockdown-induced spare time to mastering DeFi. Using this knowledge, Miles now focuses on educating people on how to maximise yield to earn passive income, as well as portfolio and risk management.