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Every single person in crypto uses a VPN, you should too.
Get 72% off today and win $1,000 every single week with NordVPN

Get 72% off today and win $1,000 every single week with NordVPN

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Get 72% off today and win $1,000 every single week with NordVPN

Crypto means financial freedom for everyone! But with financial freedom comes financial responsibility. As the crypto market and industry grows rapidly, hackers are becoming more incentivized to steal your crypto assets. Protecting your crypto is your number one priority!

The first step in protecting your crypto is by using a VPN.

Every computer has a unique IP address and this IP is transparent and visible to everyone. The IP address provides valuable information that includes the computer’s unique identifier as well as the country, location of the computer as well as when every transaction is conducted. Hackers use this information to track your transaction, movements and location and create gateways to your personal information. 

A VPN masks your IP address and replaces it with an IP address in another location making it almost impossible to trace.

VPN’s are also often used to access services that are not available to some countries such as exchanges and streaming services. By using a VPN users can mask their location and access these services.


We want to make protecting your assets not only a seamless process, but a top priority when committing to any translation, on whatever exchange you use. With your safety at the top of our mind, we have partnered with world-leading VPN service, NordVPN for an exclusive offer to the Crypto Banter community to join a 2-year plan at a 72% discount. 

If getting a HUGE discount isn’t enough, or winning a prize every single week, then take a look below at why signing up to Nord’s VPN service is the best decision you’ll make today.

Not sure if this is what you need? Take your time to try the NordVPN service completely

risk-free. Get your money back after 30 days if you do not enjoy the service. A free-trial to protect you and your crypto from hackers? We’re sure it’s worth it.

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