Take something away from the Terra Collapse
Lessons Learned from the LUNA debacle

Lessons Learned from the LUNA debacle

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Lessons Learned from the LUNA debacle

LUNA collapsed. It sucked. Many people lost a lot of money. But it’s over, and It’s time to reflect and take away some learned lessons.

If you haven’t spent a lot of time in crypto, I recommend coming up with a list of rules to follow.

It’s best to stay systematic because crypto WILL make you emotional about specific projects. Creating RULES and sticking to them helps mitigate emotional mistakes.

It’s not about becoming a robot. It’s about becoming a better trader. So it’s ok to take chances and have some fun but measure your risk/reward when you do.

Today’s lesson takeaway was written initially by @thedefiedge on Twitter. All I’m doing is summarizing his tweet below. I recommend you read the original to get the whole scoop.

Some lessons to take away from the Terra Luna Collapse.

  • Avoid the Cult of Personalities
    • Do Kwon popularity
    • Do Kwon started to become arrogant/egotistical
    • Past personalities (Frog Nation, Solidly)
  • Terra had no room for healthy debates.
  • Risk Management (example)
    • 50% of a crypto portfolio should be in ETH & BTC
    • 25% in 5-10xers (AVAX, SOL, RUNE)
    • 25% in 100xers (anything out of the top 25
  • Invest using systems
    • Dollar-Cost Average
    • Have a risk/reward scale
    • Put aside some funds to have fun (NFTs, trading)
  • There are ONLY two blue chips in crypto (ETH & BTC)
  • Never catch a falling knife
    • LUNA went to $50, then $20, and down to $1
    • LUNA is now at 0.0001
  • Never use leverage
    • People leveraging LUNA on Anchor still have tokens stuck in the protocol.
  • You’ve earned some stripes if you survived this and are still in the game.

Market update 🌍

Bitcoin (BTC) held up relatively well yesterday despite the LUNA madness. The major support band between 29-30k weathered the storm after BTC fell to a low of 26,700K. The current levels will play a significant role in whether the crypto markets will continue to march downwards or begin to post a turn-a-round. A lot of action and volume are occurring at these levels. BTC closed the US session at US$29,006, down -0.25%.   

Source: Trading View

The ETH/BTC pair chart that many ETH fans were hanging their hats on in the past week has slightly broken down and looks to test the upward trendline. I’m guessing the USDT short-lived depeg likely had something to do with the slight sell-off in Ethereum (EHT). With rumors of an Ethereum merge coming somewhere in the second half of the year, this chart will be a fun one to keep an eye on.

Source: Trading View

US markets closeGain
S&P 500-0.13%
Protocol (Coin)Price ($)Gain (%)
Maker (MKR)1404.00+21
ApeCoin (APE)8.31+21
Quant (QNT)72.57+14
Amp (AMP)0.012+9.5
Chain (XCN)0.08+9.5
MXC (MXC)0.07+16
Olympus (OHM)14.64+5
Liquity (LQTY)1.47+29
Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index10 Extreme Fear
“Crypto” Google Trends 90D78 (-12)
“Bitcoin” Google Trends82 (+1)

Newswatch 📰

🤦 Really? The US Senate confirmed Jerome Powell to a second term as Fed Reserve Chair in an overwhelming 80-19 vote. Jerome Powell’s fantastic track record of controlling inflation must have had something to do with it.

Behind Lightning. Former president of PayPal and later head of Meta’s crypto operations reveals startup plans of a company named Lightspark that will utilize Lightning to build backend infrastructure for companies to use the network. Backers include a16z, Paradigm, Coatur, and Matrix Partners.

Binance stops down, LUNA. Binance ceases LUNA trading and will remove many of the trading pairs on the exchange. LUNA can still be trading in LUNA/UST and LUNA/BUSD.


  • FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried purchases a 7.6% stake in the Robinhood exchange


CAKE 2.0. The largest exchange on Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap, proposes CAKE 2.0, an update on the tokenomics of its CAKE token to include a max supply cap of 750m. PancakeSwap constantly has one of the highest user engagements for Decentralized Exchanges in crypto.


  • Aurora (AURORA) launched a $90 million fund to attract developers and boost decentralized finance (DeFi) on NEAR (NEAR) protocol.
  • Lido Finance (LDO) deployed an additional stETH/ETH pool to improve liquidity and will feature an additional 1M LDO tokens incentives for a week.

NFT & metaverse update 🐵


  • Otherside sneak-peek of First Trip
  • Doodle’s Doopilacator claim is today
  • Beeple’s and Madonna’s Mother of Nature NFTs mint is live

Notable Mints:

ProjectTypeMint priceDate of mintTime
Laws of Adrenaline Zlatan IbraSportsDrop12 May6:30 PM EST
ATEM Car ClubGame2,384 $ASTO14 May5:00 PM EST

Banter’s take

You know what?

Despite all the madness in the past few days, crypto is still here and still strong.

Sometimes, if you need to walk away for a few days, that’s ok. Stop looking at your portfolio every five minutes, and remember to invest with a 5-10 year window in mind. Malicious events have occurred in the past, and they will continue to happen in the future. So protect yourself, protect your funds and have some fun. But remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

PS This message is as much for me as it is for you.


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