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Gold is Better Than Bitcoin Now

Gold is Better Than Bitcoin Now

When I notice that the currency a society uses has steadily devalued for at least half a century causing mass coping and an overall decline in the quality of living for most people, I buy crypto.

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Crypto in Context: Inflation, Value, & Deleveraging

Crypto in Context: Inflation, Value, & Deleveraging

The problem with being a Chicken Little Perma-Bear is, it’s very easy to underestimate the viciousness, incompetence, and/or depravity of the Boomers that control the levers of global finance.

Could This Layer 1 Crypto Have Major Upside Ahead? | Altcoin Entry Zones!

Kyle Doops analyzes one of the hottest Altcoin Layer 1 Cryptos right now. He gives his exact entry zones and take-profit levels. Will this Altcoin defy the odds despite a bearish market

Did Michael Saylor Just Sell 1000's Of The MicroStrategy Bitcoin? Find Out Now!

We have just received information that MicroStrategy sold 1000's of Bitcoin into the market. Is it true that Michael Saylor sold Bitcoin? And if so, why did he sell Bitcoin? Let's find out right now!

2 Exact Altcoin Buy Zones For Big Crypto Gains!

In this chart of the day, Kyle Doops gives exact Altcoins buy zones for a cryptocurrency that has huge upside potential. Watch this Crypto Short if you want to find out what the most important levels to watch are, and how this Altcoin could play out if Bitcoin pushes through its $43k resistance.

Crypto Hodlers Watch Out For This Looming Bitcoin Bull Trap!

Looming Bitcoin Bull Trap? Crypto markets are in the midst of a very important week and even more, high volatility can be expected! Follow Kyle Doops when he gives his market overview and cautions Crypto Hodlers to be wary, as a massive move in the markets is currently brewing. Pay attention to this crypto short now!

The Future Of Crypto In One Chart! This Is The End For…

Kyle says this one chart shows, that a massive shift is currently taking place for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With the upcoming tech earnings reports and next week's FOMC meeting, followed by CPI results to come out, the charts are already painting a picture of what is next for risk-on assets. Watch this all-important crypto short to properly position yourself in time.

When Will Crypto Stop Crashing? | My Charts Indicate Bitcoin Low Will Be At $…

The Crypto crash continues and Bitcoin bulls seem almost defeated. In today's Crypto Short, Kyle Doops gives us an update on the current state of the crypto market and provides estimates for where the Bitcoin price could bounce next. Make sure to like the video and follow @Kyledoops on Twitter if you like this content.

Crypto Investors Are Buying The Dip On These 5 Altcoins! | (But Is Now The Right Time?)

Millionaire Crypto Investors are now out to buy 5 specific Altcoins on the dip! In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops shows you why and how you could pick up these Altcoins for much lower prices. Follow Kyle's time-sensitive technical analysis to find out which levels are most important to watch right now!

Crypto Whale Games Will Wreck Many Today! | (Watch For This Bitcoin Price Level First)

The market has starting pushing up in anticipation of today's FOMC meeting and many market participants will be sucked into the wrong side of the trade. On today's Crypto Short episode Kyledoops outlines the most critical level price should clear before flipping bullish. With the high market volatility this week, follow these guidelines to avoid getting wrecked.

Critical Warning For Crypto Holders! How Low Can Bitcoin Go?

Bitcoin has lost its yearly lows, what does this mean for the Bitcoin price & the crypto market as a whole? In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops uses technical analysis to find the levels for a potential bounce in the crypto market. Stay tuned for this week's crypto shorts! The markets are currently in a critical state and it is important to stay ahead of the game.

Is the Bitcoin Bottom In? | Is The Crypto Market Crash Over?

Bitcoin managed to hit Kyledoops' range low target of $30,000 and has commenced its bounce. The burning question is whether that level will hold or not. On today's Crypto Short, Kyle re-evaluates the crypto market and shares his view on if the worst is truly over now. Was that the bottom and can we expect a bullish momentum from here on forward?

Will Luna Cause The Entire Crypto Market To Crash? (Bitcoin Must Hold Support)

Luna has sold off nearly 96.3% from top to bottom. This is troubling for Crypto and could send the whole market down. Will Bitcoin be able to bounce and save the entire Crypto market? Or will CPI results be bad and cause mass capitulation across the board? Join Kyledoops today in this Crypto Short Clip and find out more.

Will Bitcoin Pump Or Dump Over The Weekend? (Important Crypto Market Update)

The Bitcoin Price could be setting up for some weekend volatility. The question is whether it will result in a pump or a dump? In today's Crypto Short Analysis, Kyledoops gives an update on the total crypto market. Watch this video live for the most up to date and important Bitcoin price levels.

The Only Crypto Trade To Take Right Now! (Bitcoin Market Update)

The Bitcoin price is currently caught in a very tight range but the next major move is looming! In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops shows you the one and only trade you should consider in the current crypto market conditions! You can't miss this one!

The ONLY Coin Outperforming Bitcoin Right Now!

While the crypto market dumps, Altcoins are getting murdered, some even over 90% from their all-time highs! Bitcoin is the safest asset right now, but one specific Altcoin might be the only one outperforming Bitcoin right now. But why? Join Ijaz Awan in today's crypto short to find out more!

I’m Shorting Crypto! | Will Bitcoin Hold Up?

Bitcoin is only just holding support and quantitative tightening begins today. If Crypto and risk-on assets react badly then we could see the perfect short set-up. Join Kyledoops in this crypto short live for all the alpha about the crypto market today!

Will This Altcoin Pump Last OR Is This A Bitcoin Bull Trap? (Crypto Market Update)

Is the current Altcoin Pump sustainable? Or will this turn out to be yet another Bitcoin Bull Trap? In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops gives us a Crypto Market Update on the Bitcoin price development and on two promising Altcoins. He assesses whether these Altcoin charts are still valid to take short trades now.

Bitcoin Price Targets & Crypto Market Update! | Big Altcoin Move Incoming!

The Bitcoin Price continues to chop crypto investors in and out of their positions. In today's Crypto short, Kyledoops shares two Altcoin trades he is looking to take in the next 24-hours. He also gives a total Crypto market update for those more interested in the overall health and direction of the Altcoin market. Join Kyle live in this alpha-packed show now!

87.3% Probability Bitcoin Price Does This In 24-Hours! | Will Altcoins Pump Or Dump?

The Bitcoin Price is currently gaining some bullish momentum. It has been expected that volatility would enter the market. The main question, of course, is whether or not this Crypto price action can be trusted and whether the next big move will be up or down. In today's Crypto short, Kyledoops addresses whether Altcoins will pump or dump. Join Kyle live for yet another incredible alpha-packed Crypto Update!

Crypto Market Crash Could See Bitcoin Price Hit $21,000 Soon! Will Altcoins Survive This?

One of the worst Crypto Market Crashes in years could see the Bitcoin Price reach levels as low as $21,000 as soon as this week. Many may be wondering how to play this market capitulation and whether or not their beloved Altcoins would survive the onslaught. In today's crypto short, Kyledoops gives you his thoughts on what to expect next in the crypto market. Join this very important technical analysis now.

Don’t Buy Bitcoin Until You Watch This! | When Will Altcoins & The Crypto Market Bottom?

Is now a good time to buy Bitcoin or will prices go even lower? The Bitcoin price hit our target of $21,000 in the early hours of this morning. But was that enough to truly reset the Crypto Market? And why are Altcoins showing such relative strength against Bitcoin? All these questions and more will be answered on Kyledoops technical analysis stream today. Make sure to join this crypto short live for an alpha-rich show.

How Low Could Bitcoin Price Go? | FOMC To Send Altcoins & Crypto Market To New Lows!

The Bitcoin Price has made a new swing low and the FOMC meeting could send Altcoins and the overall Crypto Market to new lows. Today is a very important day for the crypto market and the charts are already showing their nervousness for today's upcoming meeting. Is this a sign of what is to come? Join Kyledoops for this all-important alpha-packed Crypto Short and prepare yourself for some serious volatility in all markets.

Urgent: Crypto Crash Continues! | Is Bitcoin Price About To Make New Lows?

The Bitcoin Price continues to accelerate towards new lows. The Crypto Crash continues and Altcoins are set to be annihilated by the onslaught of bearish momentum. Should you look to buy the next lows, or should you be selling everything you got and preparing for a much much longer-term crypto winter? In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops gives you his exact levels to watch out for and shows you how to survive this bear market.

Beware Of This Upcoming Crypto Market Bull Trap! | Will Bitcoin Price & Altcoins Pump Or Dump?

The Bitcoin Price continues to hang around in the low $20,000 region. Price action is showing a Crypto Market bull trap developing which you need to be aware of as we go into the weekend. Altcoins are still showing the potential for much more downside. In today's crypto short, Kyledoops shows us the most important support and resistance levels that we need to watch out for, and how the Bitcoin price action is likely to unfold over the weekend.

What Happens if Bitcoin Price Doesn’t Hold $20,000? (Crypto Market & Altcoin Update)

The Bitcoin price managed an 18% bounce off of the $17,629 lows. It is currently contending with the $20,000 region, but what will happen if it doesn’t hold that level? In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops gives an in-depth Crypto Market Update and shares his thoughts on which direction Altcoin prices are headed over the next days. Join this alpha-packed crypto trading show live for all your day to day technical analysis and latest updates.

Avoid The Final Crypto Market Trap! (Bitcoin Price & Altcoin Update)

The Crypto Market seems to be grabbing the last bit of liquidity and is setting a mega-trap. If the Bitcoin price & Altcoins continue to set lower highs over the next couple of days, the final bull trap will unfold at the end of this month. Despite a major occurrence set for only 5 days from now, the decisions you make today will affect next week's wallet. Join this highly important crypto short live where Kyledoops gives you all the tools to pro

Countdown To Next Major Crypto Move! | Which way will Bitcoin & Altcoins Go?

Today, Kyledoops uses technical analysis to determine what the Bitcoin price is likely to do over the weekend. Will the weekend's Crypto price action create a catalyst leading into the next week? Will the Bitcoin price go up or down? Get your questions answered in this all-important crypto short live and don't miss your daily Bitcoin & Altcoin trading update.

This Crypto Trade Could Bring Huge Profits! (Prepare Your Accounts)

An urgent Crypto trade has just presented itself. With the Bitcoin price stuck in a tight wedge, it's anyone's game. Will bulls or bears be triumphant? Join Kyledoops live on today's Crypto Short for a swift Altcoin trade that has just entered the buy zone! Don't miss this one!

Is This A Crypto Bull Trap Or A Short Squeeze? | Bitcoin Price Analysis!

The crypto market has experienced a massive pump over the last 24 hours. Many are wondering whether it’s time to buy the dip or if we should be cautious of a mega-bull trap? In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops shows the trade he just took and shares why he thinks despite a short-term pullback, there may be a chance to go long soon. Join this all-important trading show live.

Beat Top Crypto Asset Managers Using This Strategy!

Both, retail and professional fund managers, have been completely wiped out as the contagion of cascading liquidations continues to spread. In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops shows how you can outperform the best of the best crypto traders by using one single strategy! Not only does he share this strategy, but he will also give you a live market update of the Bitcoin trade we are eagerly waiting to enter.

Every Time We Get This Bitcoin Death Cross, This Happens…

The Mega Bitcoin Death-Cross takes place once every few years. And historically, every single time we have got it, it leads to a surprising reaction from the entire Crypto Market. In today's Crypto Banter, Kyledoops shows you this historical signal and gives you his thoughts on how to use it to your advantage.

Could Crypto Bulls Send The Bitcoin Price As High As $28,000? | Altcoin Market Update!

Bitcoin price continues to push higher and may have the $28,000 level as a potential upside target. With Ethereum leading this rally, the Altcoin market is slowly beginning to take off. Despite the exuberance from the Bullish price action, Kyledoops has outlined some important things to be cautious of. Join him live on todays show for a very important update.

Will Crypto Bounce From Support? | Emergency: Elon Musk Sold Bitcoin!

Elon Musk sold off his Bitcoin, but surprisingly the Bitcoin price only sold off a couple of percent on this news. Is the worst still to come? Should we be buying this Crypto dip? There are many questions that require answers. Fortunately for us, we have technical analysis to fall back on. Join Kyledoops in today's Crypto Short live to find out how deep this dip could go!

Is The Crypto Relief Rally Over? Critical Bitcoin Price Levels!

The Bitcoin price closed yet another week underneath the 200-week moving average and immediately opened the new week back down. Being hyper-focused on the charts this week is of paramount importance as fundamentally, it's a critical week of events that will influence the market. Join Kyledoops live in today's Crypto Short, for a super important update on the crypto market!!

How Low Will Crypto Go On This Bitcoin Sell-off? (Negative 31.3% For Altcoins)

Critical Crypto Levels are in play with this current Bitcoin sell-off. The Bitcoin price has lost important key-levels and consequently Altcoins are likely to suffer immensely. The traditional markets have only just started to roll over and Crypto may be a leading indicator of what is to come. With the FOMC meeting and expected negative tech earnings reports, it’s truly a risk-off environment. Join Kyledoops live in today's Crypto Short for an ab

Beware Of This Brutal Bitcoin Trap! Crypto Traders To Be Caught By Surprise

Do not miss this absolutely critical show today! The Bitcoin price is preparing to set a mega trap and will catch most crypto traders completely off-guard! In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops outlines the two most important levels to watch and he shares how you should prepare to be on the winning side.

🚨 Urgent Bitcoin Update! 🤯 Why Is No One Looking At This?

Bitcoin and Ethereum have had a tremendous run, but certain data suggests a massive trap is in the making! Should you go long? Should you short? Join Kyledoops live in today's Crypto Short where he reveals the data that no one is watching!

Don’t Buy The Crypto Dip Until You Watch This!

Crypto continues to pull back and many are jumping in to capitalize on buying the dip. Are they making a big mistake? Join Kyledoops live in today's Crypto Short, to find out what he is watching and whatever you do, don’t start buying until you watch this until the very end!

My Next Targets For This Altcoin Bounce! Is The Dip Over?

A Crypto bounce is currently in play and Altcoins are on the move. In today's Crypto Short, Kyle Doops addresses how far bulls can take this move and whether a local bottom has been found and the dip is over. Join him live for this very important crypto market update!

Huge Crypto Breakout! Is $28,000 Bitcoin Price Imminent?

The Bitcoin Price finally had a massive breakout of the range it’s been stuck in for over a week. Is this breakout real, and if so, how long would it take for Bitcoin to reach the $28,000 upside price target? Join Kyledoops live for this all important Crypto Short where he gives you his exact trade plan for the price action that is unfolding right now!

Bitcoin Price Is Preparing For A HUGE Move! (24-Hour Countdown)

The Bitcoin price has been influenced heavily by the prior 7 CPI inflation prints over the course of this year. We had 4 down moves of the CPI data and 3 moves up. With the 8th CPI print coming tomorrow, will the inflation data of July balance things out with an upside move? Join Kyledoops live in today's Crypto Short where he shows you one flashing indicator that is showing in which direction to be positioned now.

Whales Dumping Could Send Crypto Crashing! (Chart Indicators Flashing Red)

Whales appear to be net sellers of the stock market. Is this a sign of what’s to come, OR are these whales making a huge mistake? Join Kyledoops live in today's Crypto Short for a very important crypto market update, where he analyses the charts and outlines 2 major warning signs!