So you are looking for new opportunities in web3 but don’t know where to begin?
Change your life by working in the growing web3 space

Change your life by working in the growing web3 space

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Change your life by working in the growing web3 space

Article contributed by Tim Haldorsson (Founder & CEO, Outrank Crypto competitors). Follow them on Twitter here.

Web3 Opportunities You Can Leverage As A Marketer

Web3-related job searches skyrocketed by 395% in 2021 according to Cointelegraph. Growing public awareness of the metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain technologies, as well as the promise of higher salaries (Web3 roles can pay 20%-30% higher than comparable positions outside of the sector), drew people seeking technical and non-technical roles into the industry. If you are looking to land a Web3 marketing position, it’s essential to understand exactly how Web3 works.

Understanding What Web3 Is All About

Web3 embraces decentralization by placing power in the hands of the individual as opposed to mass corporations and is characterized by its openness and user ownership. This is in direct contrast to the centralized principles of Web2 (which is the current version of the internet most widely used), where companies provide services in exchange for users’ personal data.

There hasn’t been mass adoption of Web3 yet, largely down to scalability and utility issues, but it’s also partly due to its complex nature that has made it difficult for many to grasp how it works. 

Yet the growing Web3 market will certainly surpass Web2 in the years to come, making it essential for Web2 marketers to deepen their understanding of the industry.

Essential Features Of Web3 You Should Know

If you are considering upskilling to become a Web3 marketer, below are the essential features you should be familiar with.

  • Web3 Is Decentralized: To access the internet in Web2, centralized entities act as an intermediary between your device and the server. However, as a Web3 user, you’re given the right to own and govern internet data.
  • Web3 Is Trustless: Trustlessness in Web3 implies that you do not need to trust any third party with your data or transactions. There are codes or protocols on which Web3 platforms are built to reach consensus.
  • Web3 Is Permissionless: It supports equal access without any exclusion.
  • Web3 Is Immutable: Once data or information is verified on the blockchain network, it is practically impossible to alter. On this basis, once a transaction has been initiated it cannot be reversed or modified.
  • Web3 Has Native Payments: Web3 platforms are built on different economic models that incentivize users and support peer-to-peer transactions among them.

Job Opportunities For Web3 Marketers & Why You Should Consider It

Thanks to the rising popularity of the metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs and other blockchain-based technologies, the world of Web3 marketing continues to expand, accompanied by high-paying salaries. But there is a growing skills gap that exists: while demand grows, few have the expertise to implement Web3 marketing strategies. This new disruptive wave radically differs from the principles of Web2 marketing, requiring in-depth knowledge before being able to master such a role in the sector.

How & Where To Obtain Necessary Web3 Marketing Skills

There are many resources out there for learning all the skills needed. One such resource is the Lunar Academy course, which is designed by our team of blockchain experts to seamlessly onboard Web2 marketers, project owners, and community managers into the ever-evolving world of Web3.

Web2 marketing tactics fail miserably in Web3’s decentralized, community-driven landscape. That’s why we equip you with the strategies, and tools needed to transform your career, income, and future in this exciting industry.

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