Could This Layer 1 Crypto Have Major Upside Ahead? | Altcoin Entry Zones!

Kyle Doops analyzes one of the hottest Altcoin Layer 1 Cryptos right now. He gives his exact entry zones and take-profit levels. Will this Altcoin defy the odds despite a bearish market

Crypto Hodlers Watch Out For This Looming Bitcoin Bull Trap!

Looming Bitcoin Bull Trap? Crypto markets are in the midst of a very important week and even more, high volatility can be expected! Follow Kyle Doops when he gives his market overview and cautions Crypto Hodlers to be wary, as a massive move in the markets is currently brewing. Pay attention to this crypto short now!

The Future Of Crypto In One Chart! This Is The End For…

Kyle says this one chart shows, that a massive shift is currently taking place for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With the upcoming tech earnings reports and next week's FOMC meeting, followed by CPI results to come out, the charts are already painting a picture of what is next for risk-on assets. Watch this all-important crypto short to properly position yourself in time.

When Will Crypto Stop Crashing? | My Charts Indicate Bitcoin Low Will Be At $…

The Crypto crash continues and Bitcoin bulls seem almost defeated. In today's Crypto Short, Kyle Doops gives us an update on the current state of the crypto market and provides estimates for where the Bitcoin price could bounce next. Make sure to like the video and follow @Kyledoops on Twitter if you like this content.

Crypto Investors Are Buying The Dip On These 5 Altcoins! | (But Is Now The Right Time?)

Millionaire Crypto Investors are now out to buy 5 specific Altcoins on the dip! In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops shows you why and how you could pick up these Altcoins for much lower prices. Follow Kyle's time-sensitive technical analysis to find out which levels are most important to watch right now!

Crypto Whale Games Will Wreck Many Today! | (Watch For This Bitcoin Price Level First)

The market has starting pushing up in anticipation of today's FOMC meeting and many market participants will be sucked into the wrong side of the trade. On today's Crypto Short episode Kyledoops outlines the most critical level price should clear before flipping bullish. With the high market volatility this week, follow these guidelines to avoid getting wrecked.

Critical Warning For Crypto Holders! How Low Can Bitcoin Go?

Bitcoin has lost its yearly lows, what does this mean for the Bitcoin price & the crypto market as a whole? In today's Crypto Short, Kyledoops uses technical analysis to find the levels for a potential bounce in the crypto market. Stay tuned for this week's crypto shorts! The markets are currently in a critical state and it is important to stay ahead of the game.

Is the Bitcoin Bottom In? | Is The Crypto Market Crash Over?

Bitcoin managed to hit Kyledoops' range low target of $30,000 and has commenced its bounce. The burning question is whether that level will hold or not. On today's Crypto Short, Kyle re-evaluates the crypto market and shares his view on if the worst is truly over now. Was that the bottom and can we expect a bullish momentum from here on forward?

Will Luna Cause The Entire Crypto Market To Crash? (Bitcoin Must Hold Support)

Luna has sold off nearly 96.3% from top to bottom. This is troubling for Crypto and could send the whole market down. Will Bitcoin be able to bounce and save the entire Crypto market? Or will CPI results be bad and cause mass capitulation across the board? Join Kyledoops today in this Crypto Short Clip and find out more.

Will Bitcoin Pump Or Dump Over The Weekend? (Important Crypto Market Update)

The Bitcoin Price could be setting up for some weekend volatility. The question is whether it will result in a pump or a dump? In today's Crypto Short Analysis, Kyledoops gives an update on the total crypto market. Watch this video live for the most up to date and important Bitcoin price levels.